Ways to Save in the Pandemic

  1. Consolidate your streaming services. Do you know currently how many streaming services you have? If not, maybe now is the time to consolidate and see what you really need to keep. Do you watch things on Netflix, Disney+, Prime, Hulu, etc.? If you actively use them all, look for bundles to save money. Hulu and Disney+ have a bundle with ESPN that allows you to save money each month while still getting all your shows.
  2. Check out ways to save on groceries. Do you have Ibotta? Do you subscribe to Misfit’s Market to save on fruits and vegetables? Do you buy frozen veggies instead of fresh? All of those are ways to save on things you need and need to keep in your budget, while allowing you to save a bit on it.
  3. Stop any extra purchases. What do I mean by extra? I mean clothing for your job that you’re not currently going into the office for and have no clue when you’re going back. So no, you don’t need the cute new blazer. Yes, it looks great, but save your money, especially if you may be staying working from home for a while. Do you really need to get your daily Starbucks now that you’re not commuting? The answer is no. I love Starbucks, but even in the past I limited myself to once a week and now it’s even less than that.
  4. See if you can find cheaper alternatives to the furniture pieces you want. I got my couch on clearance from a furniture store and it looks amazing and I got the free delivery and they still brought it in the room I wanted it in and set it up for me, even though that wasn’t included. I saved $80 that way on the delivery alone! I also was eyeing a new chest of drawers, but then I realized, I already have cubes for some of my clothing to be stored in, so why not just buy a storage cube? It cost $40 and I’ve already got another one that has been in my room and working great for about 5 years, compared to a $300 chest of drawers that may not have been able to hold everything I needed in it. Will I eventually upgrade my furniture to a matching set? Of course, but not right now.
  5. Look at your tv subscriptions. Do you really need all those channels, especially if you have streaming services? Do you need any of those channels with your streaming services? If you don’t, then it’s time to cut the cable and let yourself save some money.
  6. Cook more often. This one is a no-brainer since restaurants are still either closed or at less capacity than normal. Yes, you could order a burger and fries from the restaurant for $10…orrr you could buy hamburger patties and frozen fries for less than that and have extra fries another day. Same goes with baked goods. Avoid the temptation of those pre-made cookies and muffins and take this time to grow your culinary skills. Whipping up a batch of homemade cookies is easier than you think, I promise. Cheaper too!
  7. If you’re in rainy season, turn off your sprinklers or get a rain gauge. We have a rain sensor that tells our sprinklers not to run since it’s been so rainy lately. It’s small savings, but those add up big time.
  8. If you’re getting cooler weather, open your windows. Air out your house a bit while also enjoying the temperatures dropping. If you live in the South, just ignore me, we still have a few months to go until we get that beautiful fall weather.
  9. See what you can re-use. Rather than buying a new bathroom storage item in the master bathroom, we took an older dresser we already had and repurposed it to hold all the linen closet items. It matches perfectly and is the perfect size, and we managed to save money by looking at what we already had. Same goes for old blankets, if you have some older fleece blankets but your pet needs a new bed, you can repurpose the blankets by adding some stuffing and voila, Fido’s got a comfy place to sleep and all you spent was the money on the stuffing.
  10. If you’re planning some home remodels, see what you can do yourself. I know, some of you may not be handy, I’m not either, but I’m surprising myself with what I’m managing to do. This pandemic is showing me just what I’m capable of, and how useful Youtube videos are. Don’t ever forget about that free resource.




Hey y’all! I am an avid reader and writer, love animals, and love to live this life I was given. It’s not always an easy day, but I’m always thankful.

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Rachel Clinger

Rachel Clinger

Hey y’all! I am an avid reader and writer, love animals, and love to live this life I was given. It’s not always an easy day, but I’m always thankful.

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